Taigamoon Cattery
  A Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc Tax ID/EIN 82-1983545 Non-Profit Breeding Program 

Taigan Moon Cattery

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A Premier Cattery of Siberian Cats

Welcome to Taigamoon Siberian Cattery website. We are a small, but serious home-based hobby breeder in Las Vegas, Nevada dedicated to raising quality purebred traditional Siberian kittens with loving personalities. The Siberian Cats are suitable for those with Allergies.

Siberian Cats – a unique breed of cats. They are beautiful, strong, robust, intelligent and affectionate, but, above all, they are extremely faithful to their owner. For this reason, they are more similar to dogs than cats.

TAIGAMOON is a registered Siberian Cattery with The International Cat Association (TICA) # 30919 and the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)# 266470.

PKD/FIV/FELV Negative Cattery.

All our cats for breeding are in exceptional health and condition, with outstanding temperament. All our adults cats are tested and are free of FIV, FELV PKD and HCM. Last annual FeLV and FIV testing Aug 2017.

If you are searching for a purebred cat with amazing characteristics, a naturally reared animal look no further. Taigamoon Cattery is a licensed breeder of Traditional Siberian Cats. Whether you want to cuddle a charming kitten or a smart and loyal furry friend, our healthy Siberians cats are just perfect. 

At taigamoon Siberian Cats are raised the way nature intended! 

We embrace Holistic Pet Care and All Natural Rearing Methods. Practice Natural Rearing and Breeding which means: minimal core only vaccines, avoiding insecticides, No lawn/yard chemicals, No toxic chemicals in our homes, we let mothers rear and wean kittens on their own schedule, and give cats access to fresh air, secured catio, walks and above all we feed a natural, raw, species appropriate diet. 

We aim to breed for health, temperament, and conformation (quality) - breeding only the best of the best. Our Cats are more than pets, they are a part of the family. Providing good homes for our kittens is a top priority.

We invite you to visit our page for complete information on our breeding philosophy, guaranty and more. Click Here

Traditional Siberians Guarantee.

We breed traditional Siberians, which means our cats have no mix of Neva Masquerade. We personally imported our Siberians from around the world, our cats traveled on our laps inside cabin of the aircraft. 

Luk'yan our first male was imported from Moscow, Russia. Yasmin from Rindal, Norway and Zinovija from Helsinki, Finland. 

Significant time and consideration went into the selection of our cats to ensure excellence in our breeding program. Our Siberians come from some of the finest Russian bloodlines from many GIC and IC Champions Cats.


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A Participating Purr-fect Cat Therapy Not-for-Profit Program. 

Taigamoon is an active participating cattery of Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc. A Nevada volunteer run non-profit animal protection and welfare organization that was formed with the mission of providing quality prescription companions pets and trained therapy cats to veterans, special needs and service organizations as well as hypoallergenic companions pets. PCT is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Siberian Cat.

Meet The Owners.

Christelle Harris is a French native. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Fletcher Harris, a retired military who served in the US Air Force for 22 years. She owned, rescued, and cared for feral and shelter animals for more than 30 years. 

Bringing various skills learned though many hours of volunteer work in community, and various non-profit animal welfare organizations abroad and in The US. June 22, 2017 Christelle Harris funded a non-profit organization named

Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc including Taigamoon Cattery as PCT organization participating breeding program. The Siberian cat caught her interest after countless hours of research with her eldest daughter when her younger children were begging her relentlessly for a new pet. 

In 2015, they welcomed a pair of Neva Masquerade Siberian cats named Finn and Natalia to their family. She and her family ultimately fell in love with the wild, strong, and rustic look of traditional Siberian cats. She also discovered that they highly trainable and are a very healthy breed with hypoallergenic properties and exceptional temperament just like a dog. Making the Siberian cat breed  the purr-fect candidate for Therapy. Finn, is also Christelle's registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Under her supervision, we go above and beyond to breed big, affectionate, intelligent  traditional Siberian cats. We hope to share our passion with you. For more details about our cattery and our Therapy cats breeding program, get in touch with us.


This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.