Taigamoon Cattery
  A Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc Tax ID/EIN 82-1983545 Non-Profit Breeding Program 

Taigamoon Cattery

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Therapy Cats

We support our Veterans.

 We’re proud to support Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc. Siberian Cattery  is committed to serving those who have served our country. In addition to providing hypoallergenic therapy pet to veterans, our family and friends take time to give back as well. 

Taigamoon is an active participating cattery of Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc. A Nevada volunteer run non-profit animal protection and welfare organization that was formed with the mission of providing quality prescription companions pets and trained therapy cats to veterans, special needs and service organizations as well as hypoallergenic companions pets. 

PCT is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Siberian Cat. Visit our blog to read about Taigamoon Siberian Cattery’s raising and training of therapy cat then donated to veterans suffering of PTSD and their families.

If you are looking for a therapy animal, Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc recommends Siberian cats. They are laid back in temperament, do not fear strangers, and are tolerant of new circumstances. These traits prove that Siberians are exceptional as emotional support pets for individuals with special needs. Though large, these felines are gentle around their owners and are not easily startled. They are also trained easily. Cats of this breed readily accept human interaction and are comfortable with plenty of cuddles and strokes. Siberians are generally independent and do not need as much care as dogs. Please visit Purr-fect Cat Therapy Website for more information on the programs or to apply for a Therapy Pet.