Taigamoon Cattery
  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050.

Taigamoon Cattery

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About Us.

Christelle Harris is a French native. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Fletcher Harris, a retired military who served in the US Air Force for 22 years. She owned, rescued, and cared for feral and shelter animals for more than 30 years. 

Bringing various skills learned though many hours of volunteer work in community, and various non-profit animal welfare organizations abroad and in The US. June 22, 2017 Christelle Harris funded a non-profit organization named Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc including Taigamoon Cattery as PCT, Inc organization participating funding breeding program. Due to serious health raisons the organization was dissolved September 2018.

The Siberian cat caught her interest after countless hours of research with her eldest daughter when her younger children were begging her relentlessly for a new pet. They welcomed a pair of Neva Masquerade Siberian cats named Finn and Natalia to their family. She and her family ultimately fell in love with the strong, and rustic look and intelligence of the traditional Siberian cats. She also discovered that they highly trainable and are a very healthy breed with hypoallergenic properties and exceptional temperament just like a dog. Making the Siberian cat breed #1 The purr-fect candidate for therapy and adventure.


Champion Pedigrees

Taigamoon Cattery is registered with the CFA, TICA cat registry associations (CFA registration #266470 TICA registration #30919). Our queens and studs have all received their champion title through TICA. Our kittens have generations of  International World Grand Champion and Grand Champion ancestors. Their pedigrees are available to view on their respective page.


Holistic & Grain Free

We use food that is biologically appropriate, grain free, all natural, without fillers, and by-product free. We choose only premium brands such as TCfeline, My Natural Cat Feline Instincts, Wellness Core, Ziwi, and Weruva. Please visit our "Feeding Siberian Cat" page for more details.

Siberian Cats In The Desert?

We often get this question: "Don't they suffer with the weather and extreme temperatures?" We would like to re-assure everyone all of our imports Siberian Cats are adapting very well, lounging on our beds and sofas. When temperature get over 90 degrees we do restrict access of our secure outdoor patio and they do enjoy it later on after sun down. Siberians express the three natural types of feline fur: guard hairs, awn hairs, and down. These three layers protect the cat from the Russian weather extremes, and provide a hardy, easy to care for coat today. The fur is textured but glossy, which decreases the occurrence of matting. 


We have intentionally part from breeding Silver coloured Siberian Cats because they have been proven to have the highest levels of Fel d 1 responsible for allergic reaction. [Not-for-profit association of breeders, Siberian Research Inc] We do not breed the Neva Masquerade (Colorpoint) because of having softer fluffy coat due to unknown mixes, we quickly discovered after adopting Finn our Neva Masquerade that they do shed a lot and also do suffer from mats if not brushed daily. 

Traditional Siberian cats moult once or twice a year. The first moult is at the end of winter. The winter moult is instigated not by a change in temperature but by a change in day length. Many Siberians will experience a less intense "mini-moult" at the end of the summer season, unlike other cats, which will experience a "heavy moult" more than twice a year. When Fall and Winter comes around our cats coat fluff up very nicely also it is the best season for us to compete in cats shows. 

Taigamoon cattery was officially registered with CFA and TICA on October, 25 2016. If you are searching for a purebred cat with amazing characteristics, a naturally reared animal look no further. Taigamoon Cattery is a Nevada licensed breeder of Traditional Siberian Cats. Whether you want to cuddle a charming kitten or a smart and loyal furry friend, our healthy Siberians cats are just perfect. 

Under her supervision, we go above and beyond to breed big, affectionate, intelligent  traditional Siberian cats. We hope to share our passion with you. For more details about our cattery and our Therapy cats breeding program, get in touch with us.