Taigamoon Cattery
  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050.

Taigamoon Cattery

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Cattery Allergy Sittings/Visitation.

If you would like to visit our cattery before getting on our waiting list, we offer Allergy / Visitation sittings for a non refundable pre-paid fee of $50. Please note, cats that are not fixed, pregnant, or nursing have higher Feld1 levels. 

An allergy sitting lasts for around 45 minutes and takes place in our home preferably every Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. You will meet and pet our Siberian cats and we’ll see how you react to them. It is strongly advised that if you take your medication with you for your allergies but not to take it prior to your visit. People with severe allergies should consult with a doctor about the planned visit and take advice from them on whether the visit is advisable. 

We ask, for the safety of the kitten and our Cattery, that on the day of your scheduled visit, you not have any other previous appointments with other Catteries, or Shelters. Please be prepared to remove your shoes at the door, and wash/sanitize your hands before handling our cats. You will also be asked to wear clean clothing that has not been in contact with other pets or pet hair. This will reduce the possibility of transmitting any diseases, fungi, or bacteria to our cattery. 

Once we receive and process this documentation with the Allergy / Visitation sittings fee, we will notify you via email to set up your appointment. While we will do our best to accommodate your requested day and time, please note, your appointment is not fully booked until you get a confirmation from us!

For your convenience online payment is available through our invoicing system. Payments can be made using Debit or Credit Card. We accept: Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover. Secured by Stripe.

We also accept PayPal online payments sent to: [email protected] If you have any questions regarding allergies or the testing process, please feel free to contact us.

Telephone: (702) 204-2556 Text Only
Email: [email protected]

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