Taigamoon Cattery
  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050.

Taigamoon Cattery

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Breeding Philosophy.


Taigamoon is a small cattery, we do one or two carefully planned breedings per year. Although we deeply value and appreciate the Siberian Breed, we also strongly believe in not contributing to the overpopulation of cats in our society. Showing and breeding cats requires an enormous commitment and responsibility and we take this very seriously. 

  • The health of our cats is very important to us, we chosen the traditional Siberian cat breed because the standard was started with a natural and aborigine cats. Health has the highest priority, we test for several genetic diseases. We work for better health in the breed.

  • In our breeding programme we also emphasize temperament, and our breeding cats come from lines known for being outgoing, sweet and happy. We work to preserve the great temperament and personalities typical for the breed.

  • We spend hundred of hours studying pedigrees and research to carefully pick our foundation cats for our breeding program. We work to ensure a wide gene base with very low inbreeding coefficient.

  • We wish our cats to be beautiful and follow the standard, so our breeding animals are occasionally shown at various cat shows to get feedback on their type, their results published on our Exhibitions page. We work to better type, without compromise on health and gene base.




Traditional Siberian cats are becoming very rare, early on with the inclusion of color pointed cats and authorized out crosses. Today only 20 years after recognition and staggering gain of popularity worldwide, the Siberian is in danger of extinction. Greedy and unethical breeders more concern into making a quick buck proceed in crisscrossing a staggering numbers of color pointed cats with Siberian destroying a great amount of pedigreed lines, with theses mixes also damaging natural breed traits, temperament and properties. There is also breeders that are propagating fake pedigrees and that allowed unauthorized out-crosses to be made behind close doors,  just to produce that "special/rare color" and fluffy coat  pushing the sales.

 It is our goal to breed healthy, strong and beautiful Euro type Siberian cats by careful selection of Champion Traditional lines, we spend countless hours studying pedigrees, we travel around the world hand pick our breeding stock from only the best Traditional and Aborigine Siberian cats. In conclusion we are dedicated to the Preservation of this magnificent breed!




Responsible breeders spend hours studying their breed standard their breeding stock pedigrees, genetics and veterinary. They spend lots of money to perform health screens on their cats before using them in a breeding program. Breeding a quality kitten is a serious labor of love, dedication and responsibility. The quality kitten is the result of the breeder’s love of cat's a dedication to the breed and a responsibility to the cats the breeder has produced for as long as they live. 

A quality pet starts with a careful breeding program in which the characteristics and temperaments of the kitten’s ancestors are known to the breeder. Animals being bred undergo careful evaluation and medical screening. A quality breeder tries to produce a pet who is as close as possible to the breed standard and origins. A quality kitten is worth the wait.