Taigamoon Cattery
  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050. 

Our cattery is inspected annually as per the law in Clark County.


Taigamoon Cattery

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Prices and Policies 

Our sires and dams are extensively health tested and genetically screened in order to ensure the health of our kittens. We offer *A FIVE (5) Year Genetic Health Guarantee on our kittens. FIP guaranteed for one (1) year  from date of birth. Our kittens come with an extensive health guarantee and are sold with a contact. Our pricing is based on our extensive and expensive health screenings on all our foundation dams and sires, including DNA, HCM cardiac ultrasounds, the obtainment of international distinguished pedigree lines, traditional foundation cats lineage with no mix of Neva Masquerade, top of the line nutrition, supplements, holistic vaccine protocols, and Veterinarians care. In addition, we Spay/Neuter the kitten before it goes home. 

Taigamoon is a small cattery. We do one or two carefully planned breedings per year. Although we deeply value and appreciate the Siberian Breed, we also strongly believe in not contributing to the overpopulation of cats in our society. Showing and breeding cats requires an enormous commitment and responsibility and we take this very seriously. There’s a lot of heated debate about getting shelter cats vs. getting cats from breeders, and I’m not going to get into that here—I think that both can be good options, depending on your needs and circumstances. But if you’re going to buy a cat from a breeder, it is absolutely imperative that you do your due diligence and make sure that you’re supporting an ethical breeding program. 

Pet kittens cost $1500 unless otherwise stated. Our Rare Traditional Golden Siberian kittens are priced at $1800. Retired adults are priced very reasonably (includes spay/neuter fee) at $500 - $800 (not including shipping). If you have any questions about our policies, contract, fees, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you in finding a new furry family member! 

Taigamoon Pet Quality Kitten
Traditonal Colors
Rare Golden 
Show Quality Altered

Taigamoon kittens go home at 14-16 weeks of age and are vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Each kitten must be eating, drinking, using the litter box, and showing healthy independence from their mother. Once you get your Siberian, you have 72 hours not including weekends and holidays to have a vet check up. 

Your kitten will come to you with records including: 

  • A general physical exam by our licensed veterinarian 
  • Grooming kit with kitten care bag (subject to availability)
  • Pediatric spaying or neutering
  • Pre-Op Bloodwork
  • Fecal test including Giardia
  • FIV/FELV tested & Negative
  • First and second set of 3 in 1 vaccines, which includes  Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Microchip
  • Deworming if necessary
  • TICA or CFA  Registration papers
  • TRUPANION'S Breeder certificate registration (Thirty day FREE trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance)
  • Copies of the Leukemia Negative Report on the foundation dam and sire
  • Copies of the HCM and PKD scan Report on the foundation dam and sire 
  • A Adoption/Agreement Contract signed  
  • Lifetime support and Friendship

We require the Adoption/Agreement Contract to also be filled out, signed and sent back either by snail mail or scanned and emailed back. You must sign the Adoption Contract and return it to us prior to the pickup of your kitten. We will send you home a copy of the contract with our wet signature on pickup day.  


Although we are extremely conscientious, selective and proactive in health in our breeding practice, it is impossible to promise that any Siberian will not  get HCM, FIP or another disease caused by genetics or birth defects. If your cat dies during the guaranteed period with such a disease, we will provide another cat to you per your signed contract. We offer a generous guarantee with our kittens, because we have seen the devastating results financially on owners that have experienced HCM with their pet and with no remedy from the breeder. 



The Non-Profit Business of Breeding Cats By Liz Hansen

Taigamoon Siberian Cattery Pricing 

When our Siberian kittens are born, they are not available right away. Once the kittens are ready to be match and placed in a new home, we will post pictures and availability program on our Available kittens page. We do not sell any kittens with breeding rights. We offer a large amount of information as to who we are and the type of cattery we run in turn; we require an online kitten adoption application to be filled out and tell us a little about your family and the type of home you have to offer. Once you have filled out an application, we will be in touch within 72 hours.

  • Taigamoon Siberian Cattery’s reserves the right to refuse or cancel a sale. Purchasing privileges are NOT granted to just anyone with the financial means to purchase a kitten.

  • A completed kitten application is required prior to being approved to purchase a kitten.

  • If Taigamoon Siberian Cattery decides at any time to cancel a kitten sale, 100% of all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer within 30 days from the time of cancellation.

  • Deposits will NOT be refunded or transferred to another kitten, this charge goes towards lost sales time and advertising on the Internet.

  • Security deposits will come off the price of the kitten if you choose to follow through with your purchase.

  • Kittens cannot be held on verbal promises.

  • If you are looking for “cheaper kittens”, please visit the humane society or local shelter.

Served 20 years USAF

Served 8 months during Desert Storm at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia.

Served 6 months at Masirah Island, Oman and 7 months In Bilad , Iraq during the Iraq war.

Served another 6 months Bilad, Iraq

SSgt Fletcher Harris Jr and (N) Siberikos Yasmin of Taigamoon



If you would like to visit my cattery before getting on the wait list, there will be a $50.00 cattery visit fee. If you would like to visit my cattery and do an allergy test, there will be a $50.00 allergy test fee. These visits are limited to one hour as a courtesy to my cats and to my family. The fees are non-refundable, must be sent to me in advance of your visit, and will be taken off the price of your kitten if you get one from us. It is mandatory that you do an allergy test if you have or think you may have cat allergies. Kittens will not be placed in homes with people with allergies unless an allergy test is done. Book Appointment Here

We give the Buyer a possibility to return a kitten to our cattery if the Buyer develops an allergy after purchase. In our written contract we will allow the Buyer to return a kitten to our cattery in 14 days period with full refund of payment excluding deposit ($250 – deposit/reservation fee is not refundable). This period is applicable only for people with no other animals in Buyer’s home.

We Do Not Allow Visitors With Kittens or until the kittens are completely vaccinated at 12 weeks old. Our kittens usually reserve much earlier (usually at 5 weeks old once we start accepting deposits). We take a lots of pics and videos of our babies. We also have photos of our cattery on the website under “Taigamoon”. The kittens have very sensitive immune systems before they are vaccinated and viruses can easily be brought in the home on hands, shoes, clothing etc. Health is out top priority so we now wait until their little immune systems are completely developed before we allow them to be handled.


Our Siberian Cats thrive on Raw, we feed Darwin's Natural Pet Food, also feed homemade Raw with TCFELINE PREMIX
We also feed a variety of High quality Holistic-Grain Free-Wet food cans for convenience. Please visit our nutrition page for complete feeding listing.


Pet kittens cost $1500 unless otherwise stated. Our Rare Traditional Golden Siberian kittens are priced at $1800. We require a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve your kitten. The deposit is deducted from the price of your Siberian. The last balance is due at the time of picking up or prior to shipping (please see below for details). Siberian cats do much better with a friend, we do give a $200 discount for your 2nd Siberian. 


When we announce the kittens are available to you and send the photos, A $250.00 will be required in 48 hours to hold the kitten. When the kitten is 11 weeks old, an addition $500.00 will be required. The last remaining balance will be paid in cash before the kitten goes home. No kittens will leave with out full payment received. Thank you.


First and second set of 3 in 1 vaccines, which includes  Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia
Rabies vaccine.  


Most of our adopters pick up their kittens up from our home in Las Vegas. This is a great chance to see our cats and get to know your kitten's family home. We do not ship cargo. However, if it's more convenient for you, we can offer to hand delivery your kitten. We will travel in-cabin to your destination city where you will be met by a representative of Taigamoon's Siberian Cattery, and your kitten will be safely handed over. Standard Shipping includes your kitten that has had a full Vet exam, state health certificate, vaccine record, and an airline approved pet carrier.  


Standard Shipping Package $360 (USD)
plus passenger round trip air fare

Standard Shipping includes your kitten that has had a full Vet exam, state health certificate, vaccine record, and an airline approved pet carrier.

If the itinerary travel time is over 4 hours one way, or there is not a return flight available from your 
airport of choice within 3 hours, we charge an additional fee of $100 (USD). We will make all 
the arrangements, all you need to do is meet us at the airport and receive your new kitten!

* Final prices vary based on destination and time of year. Please contact us directly for more details.


We accept cash, Paypal, Stripe and Personal checks (deposit only). 
When using Paypal or Stripe you must pay a 2.9% Fee. 


Under NO circumstances shall this kitten be de-clawed. Declawing is amputation and is often the cause of litter box problems (“inappropriate elimination”). This can lead to abuse or abandonment of the cat/kitten, a risk that the seller is not willing take. The purchaser agrees to, under no circumstances, allow the cat to be declawed. 

Under NO circumstances shall this kitten/cat be permitted to live outdoors. 

*We reserve the right to all pick of litter​ for Taigamoon Siberian Cattery.