Taigamoon Cattery
  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050.

Taigamoon Cattery

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When searching for a new kitten, you should consider the initial cost as an investment over the next 15-20+ years they will be a part of your family. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, and the phrase “you get what you pay for” is very true. I have heard countless stories of people who bought a cat from the first breeder on their wish list that ended up developing serious health problems, costing their owners thousands of dollars in vet bills with a serious heart brake, when the new kitten just must be place to sleep and the breeder just turn a death ear.

I breed Siberian Cats because I love this breed and want to promote and preserve these wonderful companions. Our kittens are priced to offset the expenses I incur. These expenses are significantly higher for me (compared to other breeders) because I choose to breed responsibly and raise the kittens with superior care. Our veterinary charge us as well higher prices that some others breeders might pay in their state as well. Thought a desire to be transparent we are making theses bills available to public view.

I have to take into account the following expenses associated with breeding cats:


Our cats are directly imported from Russia and Overseas,  we also imported ourselves flying with the kitten in cabin or paid a courier to personally bring our kitten door to door. Cost for one futur queen between 1600 Euro to $2000 some queen can be priced higher depending of quality and lineage, add Transport $1100- $1500 for a approximate Total of $3500


Fecal tests, genetic test, health testing of queen or king, teeth cleanings, upper respiratory panel, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Scan by board certified cardiologists, blood work, vaccinations, unexpected emergency vet expenses, ultrasounds, c-section surgery, x-rays, antibiotics, prescribed medications, and more. We approximately total way over $10.000 for 2017 for just  5 imported foundation cats. 2 have been spayed and neutered. Each new cat is another set of test and adding cost.


Each can of wet food we buy costs about $3.08 (compared to the inferior brands that sell for .55 cents per can). Quality fresh human grade meats (Duck, Turkey, Chicken breasts, Rabbit, Quail), Vitamins and Supplements. That means my expenses for cat food are 10x times higher than average. We currently spend $166.00 /Monthly for cans alone. Meats and supplements several hundreds more. An expectant mother cat will eat up to twice as much her usual meals during her pregnancy (~63 days) and up to three times as much while she is nursing kittens. Kittens eat about the same amount of food as an adult cat.


One 40 lb bag of Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping cat Litter costs around $17.49 (compared to generic clay litter that sells for $8 per bag). We go through 400 lbs of litter per month. Choosing to use only the highest quality natural litter means that we pay 5x times more than most breeders do, but we feel that it is worth the extra expense to keep our cats and kittens healthy.


We share our home with our cats. We have three dedicated kitten/nursery and cat rooms. There are always cats sleeping in bed with us! We also built a safe outdoor enclosure they can enjoy part of the day looking at birds. Built last year it cost $10.000. We always repair damages made to our home by our cats, wear and tear of carpet, walls, furniture, beddings ect.


There are also expenses for special equipment, birthing blankets, heated nests, syringes/bottles, large litter boxes, climbing condos, scratching posts, beds and pillows, supplements, holistic supplements and cleaning products, replacement milk for kittens unable to nurse, bowls and food dishes, and toys for exercise and training.


Creating and maintaining this website, advertising, cattery registration, club registration fees adding and/or replacing breeding queens and stud cats, individual cat/kitten registrations, pet insurance coverage, certified pedigree copies, logo, printed material, internet service, phone service, show fees, insurance, travel expenses, electric and water bill, licenses and state fees and more.

 Every dollar we are receiving from adoption fees is reinvested into our cats care.