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  City of Las Vegas Breeder Permit # U18-006468 and Cat Fancier Permit # U17-008050.

Taigamoon Cattery

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Traditional Siberians Guarantee

We dedicate ourselves to the preservation breeding of Traditional Coloured Siberian Cats. We highly respect all our contracts with our foundation's cats breeders overseas. We do not breed the colorpoint variant Neva Masquerade. Some of Siberian Cats may carry the CP gene, we do test all of our breeding cats results are disclosed on each cat's personal page. We do not mix Siberians with NEM, and do not sell cats to breeders or catteries that do. We aim to breed for health, temperament, and conformation (quality). 

We Must Not Confuse The Traditional Siberian With The Neva Masquerade.

Most breeders, enthusiasts, organizations, international registries such as CFA, TICA and WCF, and national registries accept point colouration as being natural. However, colour-point Siberians are classified as a separate breed, the Neva Masquerade, by some registries such as Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFé): Neva for the river where they are said to have originated, and masquerade, for the mask-like coloration. The Neva Masquerade has been recognized as a breed by the FIFe in 2011.

 There is a large debate between the two. We chose the Traditional Siberian cat for its wild origins. Unfortunately, many Nevas are mixed with other breeds in order to keep the pointed colours and the blue eyes. The Siberian Breed was established as the Aboriginal Cat of Russia. The first breed standard was developed in 1987 based on the stud ‘Roman’ who was one of the foundation cats and appears in many current pedigrees. Exportation to Europe and the USA began in the 1990’s.


There is very few traditional Siberian cats remaining in the world, It is practice and commodity to mix both of them in many catteries including in USA. We believe in proper disclosure and honesty, this is fair to the families that are investing a large amount of money on a pure-bred kitten. Overseas the Neva Masquerade is recognized as the sister breed of Siberian. We strongly believe that the inclusion of colorpoint cats are not always been a good thing creating unstable temperament, changes in coat texture, declining of health. Great cats resulted to such marriages whether doing multiple mixing generation after generation, placed a open door for unethical breeders and brought a great amount of genetic disorders, inherited diseases such as kidney Disease (PKD) into the breed. We internally do not practice this and strive to keep and preserve a true genotype traditional Siberian.  

Taigamoon Criteria Of Selection.

Our criteria of selection for our breeding cats are the least amount of NEM, without being extremist and compromising health and type. The breed involved on his own, USA created his own standard and some registries allowed open door for a lots of mixes to happens. We have chosen to register our Siberian cats and so we do have to follow a registry and standard. Stud book are still open, sadly the amount of quality new foundation Siberian cats available in the world is rare and we are not willing to risk health of our breeding line.  Many lines are heavily inbred, and this result in very poor health. We currently place this tolerance to 0-3 known ancestry NEM and they are placed in foundation far back enough they have no influence nor genetic load. We have chosen lines that includes the very first cats that Kotofei Cat Club in Moscow created the first standard with such as Mars - a blue lynx point and white, Nyusya, registered as a NEM in the 90 was born on a farm. Practicing this permit us to have a clear health picture of the lines we working at present time and to preserve the true traditional Siberian cat. Breeder's we collaborate with are committed to the traditional aboriginal cat of Russia with alike objectives. All have been breeding since the recognition of the breed in Russia. 

Significant time and consideration went into the selection of our cats to ensure excellence in our breeding program. Our Siberians come from some of the finest Russian bloodlines from many GIC and IC Champions Cats. We keep very close relationship with our cats breeders living abroad. We keep home or in approved foster home all of our breeder cats at retirement unless they are not happy in Cattery environment. We do so in our commitment for health and continue the medical HCM tests. We also place a high priority on temperament, we breed our Siberian cats and select cat into our breeding program that are Intelligent, Confident, Independent, Loyal, Dog like, Social, and Loving. We absolutely don't mind a cat that is strong-willed. We have zero tolerance for cats that are aggressive, excessively shy that strike or retaliate for no raisons. This is unacceptable Characteristics for the Siberian Cat breed. All of our cats are bred with exceptional temperament and are use in Therapy work and may join families with special needs. 

We maintain a lifelong commitment to all our cats, we will readmit any cat previously in our care at anytime. We try to breed following a code of integrity where we do not gossip or discuss other breeders to prospective new owners. Our four children and a Havanese dog named Coco help on a daily basis in raising and training our hypoallergenic forest cats. Kittens are raised under foot and are a much loved part of our family. Siberian cats come in a wide variety of colours, we at Taigamoon we focus on breeding Browns and Goldens Siberians with or without white.